Just the FAQs

The answers to nagging questions and doubts. If you don’t see an answer to your question, please write and ask.


What’s the cheapest way to print a poster?

Poster quantities are usually low, so it makes sense to get your design printed on a color laser printer (as opposed to using traditional offset or high-end digital printing.) A local copy center can help you out. You pay PER poster and are able to order exactly the amount you want. If you need a few more posters at a later date, you pay the same price per poster. There are no extra costs for a second printing set up. These are the advantages of color laser copies.

If you go the color copy route, then you will need a NON-Bleed design. This means that there will be a .25” white border around the edges. The image can’t extend to the edges of the page because this is where the rollers in the machine grip the paper. For example, the image area of your 11”x 17” poster will really be 10.5” x 16.5” with a .25” white border around the sides.

If you don’t want a white border on your poster but still want to use a color copier for printing, you can ask the printer to trim away the .25” border. There is a minimal fee for this. Note: Your poster is now .5” smaller on each side.

What if I want 250 or more posters?
In this case, it will be cheaper to print the posters digitally. (See downloadable Printing Price List) The cost per poster is less than it is with color laser copies. Another advantage is that your design can bleed off the edges.


Does DQ design program interiors?
No. Drama Queen is not in the business of laying out program interiors. We only do covers. We detest tracking down actor bios and directors’s notes.

Just covers? How does THAT work?
We provide artwork for whomever manages your program. If you prefer a PDF, your program manager will simply drop the artwork into the rest of the program. He/she is welcome to contact us with questions. Or we can print the program cover for you. You will receive a flat, trimmed front and back cover (Products) We leave the second side blank so that you can overprint it yourself.

I can print on the back side of an already-printed program cover?
Yes, your printer can run the printed cover through their press. It’s best if the paper coordinates, so check with your printer. If you plan do run the cover through a laser printer, you will need thinner paper.

Is this expensive?
No. It can be cheaper. Generally, online printers will cost less than a local printer because they print in vast quantities. So, you get your full color cover printed online for a very reasonable price. You then give the printed cover to your local printer who now only needs to print the inside of the program which is usually one color (black) and saddle-stitch (staple) the pages together.

This also allows you to have your cover ready well ahead of the actual due date.


Can I save money on postcard printing?
Use ONE color on the back of the card. Although in this digital age of competitive online printers, this savings can sometimes be pretty minimal. Full color is getting less and less expensive. So it the cost savings depends on where you get it printed.

Any other postcard ideas?
You can also save money by (A) making your program and postcard the same size design, and then (B) printing them at the same time. Because there is less set-up time on the printer’s end, you win! In the end, some of the print run will become your folded program cover; and some will be trimmed to be postcards.

These cost -saving suggestions apply more to traditional offset printing. As we’ve said, full color is getting less and less expensive.

Can I print my postcards now and address them later?
To save time, you can have your postcard fronts printed ahead of time. When it’s show time you simply run the them through your laser printer. In this way your text is totally up-to-date.

Keep in mind that postcards work best on a heavier stock, but make sure it’s not TOO thick to run through your laser printer.


Can I print my tee shirt design on a dark colored shirt?
Yes. The printer will charge you for one extra color. If you want to print on a dark tee shirt (like the black “Sweeney Todd” shirt) the printer will need to print a layer of white ink as a foundation for the other colors. Without this layer, the inks will not show up as well against the dark shirt. This is usually not cost-prohibitive. It would add roughly $30 to your order. ($60 if you are printing on both sides.)


Do I need to proof my PDF files?

Drama Queen does not take responsibility for final proofreading. We spell check and look over our work, but it is your job to closely proofread your pieces. Doing so now can save headaches later.


Does Drama Queen do rush jobs?
Yes. Customizing a Current Design takes 4 days. An overnight rush will add a 50% surcharge; a 2-day rush a 25% surcharge.

Our usual turn around time varies depending on your order. For example, creating a Custom Design can take 7 days. Cutting that time to 3 days will add a 50% charge.


Which printer do YOU use?
We are an official broker with gotprint.com so we use them for most of our printing. For smaller quantities or speciality items, we like local vendors.

Will DQ work with my printer?
Yes. We will communicate directly with your printer at no charge.


What kind of logo should I send?
A vector-based file is best. But tifs and jpegs can often work too. Send it to us and we can let you know.

Why does adding a logo cost more?
Invariably we need to open and check your file and this takes time. So we charge $25 for adding your logo. If your logo needs any clean up or alterations, we will charge a one-time $50 clean-up fee. We will notify you before proceeding with this added expense. If your logo is vector-based, clean up will probably be unnecessary.