Drama Queen began with
a simple question.

We asked ourselves if a Baltimore production of Evita could use the same poster as a production of Evita in Des Moines?

We think it can, and wonder why no one thought of this before.

I mean, unless you’re using that Les Miserablés brat, overexposure is not an issue. For productions in the same general area, the danger of design duplication is miniscule: the licensing companies are careful about the geographic proximity of their shows.

The bottom line is that good design takes time. But thanks to the digital revolution, Drama Queen is able to offer high-end, thoughtfully created designs at budget-friendly prices. Everybody wins!

Our designs are created three ways:

In our Current Design Collection, we feature existing designs. Some of these designs were originally created for other productions.

The same collection also includes brand new designs. We anticipate what shows will be hot and create new designs accordingly. We often choose shows that you’ve suggested. (Suggestion Box).

Thirdly, we create custom designs by working directly with you.

As far as we know, we’re the first of our kind. There are bound to be questions. We’re real people with moderate attitude, so don’t be shy!